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Make Their Last Years
Their Best Years

Our pets become more dependent on us as they age. When the time comes for their "final journey," you want to be emotionally prepared and spiritually present. This enables you to offer your pets the level of comfort and support they deserve.
In this 4.6 hour 8 module online program, Dr. Liz shares tools to alleviate your fear and worry and assist you in filling your pet's remaining time with love, freedom, and joy

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What do people (and their fur babies) say about The Final Journey?

Dee H.

Thanks to Dr. Liz, I’ve experienced peace and acceptance by looking at my decisions as an act of love. I understand every situation is different. It is okay to change my mind, even within the moment of dealing with my decision.

Roy R.

Blessed with a rare gift for navigating emotionally charged waters, Dr. Liz helps us demystify our fears surrounding the passage towards death and its attendant grieving with equal measures of grace, clarity, and deep compassion.

Dennis J.

Dr. Liz prepares us to be there for our pets in a way that honors the gift of unconditional love they have given us. She takes us gently by the hand and shows us how to mindfully accompany our beloved pets through their sacred end of life journey.



The Final Journey

Empowering End-of-Life Decision-Making for Pet Parents

"Is it time?"
“I don’t want them to suffer.”
“I feel guilty.”
“My (spouse, child, friend) says I am being cruel and selfish.”
“I don’t know how I can do this.”

         If you are like many pet people, you have experienced one or more of these dilemmas when faced with an end-of-life decision for a pet. These decisions can be overwhelming and anguishing.
         Whether you are facing this decision now, soon, a long way off, or you have recently faced it, this one day workshop offers new perspectives that offer you support in navigating these challenges.      

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Interested in learning more about Dr. Liz?

Read her bio

Dr. Liz Fernandez, DVM, CVA, M.Ed., is a licensed Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, public speaker, author, and consultant with a holistic housecall practice in Southern California. 
     She is certified in Veterinary Hospice and Palliative Care, Veterinary Acupuncture, and Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine.

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Listen to her
on Pet Life Radio

Dr. Liz was interviewed on The Pet Doctor by Dr. Bernadine Cruz, her friend and vet school classmate. They discuss end-of-life care issues and other challenging concerns facing pet parents. 

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Read her book

Honest, pragmatic, compassionate, empowering and refreshing, Sacred Gifts of a Short Life explores the difficult questions surrounding the end-of-life journeys of our furry loved ones. It explores such questions as: Is it time? What can I say to a friend who feels I am being"selfish" or "cruel"? Do young children understand death?  What to do when life partners disagree on how they would like to proceed through this journey with a shared pet.   What right do I have to take a life?

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Consult with her

Dr. Liz offers consulting services and presentations to pet parents, pet rescues, pet support communities, and any other interested pet groups.

She is also available to speak to members of the veterinary community, including students, doctors, and lay staff, in small groups or at veterinary conferences and trade shows .

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Dr. Liz's book explores the difficult questions surrounding the end-of-life journeys of our animal companions. In this chapter, she describes a simple and powerful process that can be applied to help anyone facing these challenging decisions. 

Along with the free chapter, you will receive the latest news and special offers regarding the online program, books, and future events for pet parents, veterinarians, and pet care professionals.